Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Day Of The Cake
Ages it has been, yes? Despite the time it's been since my last post, I barely have a word to say. During that time I did get my car back, though it still isn't drivable. So in the meantime I continue to try and save up (and continue to try and give two craps about it) so it can be fixed and driven. Good times there.

In February my sister attended a wedding event at a local resort where she was showing her cakes. She needed some help with set-up and some company for the slow times. The day become known as "The Day Of The Cake". It was nice to take random photos of cupcakes and cakes, not something I get to do every day...or I'd be diabetic because I'd hate to waste all that cake for the sake of photos...

The weather that day was freezing. Really freezing (-30 celcius or so), despite the next day being almost up to zero. The luck of the draw, I suppose. It was a quiet day, couples came and went. Personally, it was awkward for me. I hate brides. Seriously. There's a reason I don't do custom orders, and especially no customs for brides. They change their minds constantly and have insane expectations. I just don't really understand people, though.

Anyway, cake photos. Yup.