Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fumble And Fall

Normally fall is something that is looked forward to. Pretty leaves, sweater weather, home baked goodies, and (of course) pumpkins and Halloween. This year I just feel like I have nothing to look forward to now. After finally getting a ride out of my area to view some vehicles, purchase a vehicle, just to take it to a shop and have that shop try to take advantage of me...ending up in a legal battle to get the car back without having to pay for this shop unlawfully trying to charge me as much as the car cost...and with gardening season at it's end, I'm having an extremely difficult time trying to find anything to look forward to.

This summer I had hoped to do so much but instead wasted it at home waiting for a ride to the nearest city (only two hours away, I might add) just to look at vehicles. A simple thing like buying a vehicle, instead I waited around, frustrated...trying hard to focus myself on the garden, the only thing that felt like it was going well. Instead the summer was wasted on nothing but frustration and self pity, waiting for something to happen and even only getting to the lake a couple of times, despite the fact that it's only a ten minute drive away.

The leaves went quickly this year...
I hate everything...