Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crazy For Curls

I've been in a slump recently, and as much as I try to keep myself positive I just can't shake some of these blues. The past few days haven't been the best for me and for no particular reason, and those feelings bring on all sorts of tiredness which makes it harder to get anything done, which in turn makes it all that much worse. These feelings are the worst...

Today was a warm day, likely one of the last days where one can wear short sleeves outside without feeling cool. I spent some time out in the yard with my dog, Hades. We walked around stepping on crunchy leaves and having fresh falling leaves fall onto us as we walked under the trees. I grabbed a few pumpkins, my camera, and close up filter and snapped a few photos. The combination of the leaves, warm weather, and pretty orange colour of the pumpkins seemed to make things so much better. While snapping away as Hades lay only a few feet away, his little kitty friend popped by for a visit and chased leaves as they fell.

Of course, a photo session wouldn't be complete without a random photo of ones own socks and shoes. The day suddenly wasn't so terrible, and I guess that's the power of the curls...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Creepy, Cute, & Crafty

This year is the year of crafty and fun swaps. Today I sent out my "13 Days Of Halloween" swap package to my partner. It may have cost a substantial sum to send out but it was worth it. It was great fun to search out and create each little gift.

My swap partner is crazy about witches and Halloween, so I tried my best to keep witches in mind when shopping and creating. I used reclaimed wood to make hand painted, distressed little art works and more for myself (coming in a later post). While painting isn't something that I do regularly these days, come Halloween time it becomes a great joy to create a piece of Halloween sweetness.

While browsing the craft section at a nearby dollar store in search of more black paint, I spotted the cutest little wood craft coffins and knew it would make a delightful little swap gift. Earlier in the day I had also purchased some mini "Coffin Crisp" bars by the little bag, and without realizing it, they both went together perfectly! After painting and clear coating the coffin, two mini bars were placed inside. Call me lame, but I got a chuckle out of it and hope my partner will as well.

My "big" gift to be opened on Halloween was something I felt quite proud of. Despite the fact that it really didn't cost anything except time, I felt like it was the most personal and interesting gift of the lot. A balloon was paper mache from recycled newspaper to create the round shape and added ears. It was painted with an antique style face, clear coated to seal it, and an old fashioned twine handle added. A pumpkin in a similar style will be a must! I got the idea from an image I seen, which then led me to a "how-to". The cat face was perfect for the project, so I decided to use it. Take a peek here.

The fun just kept on coming, after all the shopping and crafting it was then time to wrap. Oh wrapping...for some reason I just cannot get enough of it. It's one of the very few things I enjoy during the winter holiday season, however this was even better simply because of the Halloween theme. Orange tissue paper, crepe streamers, yarn, laces, twine, and recycled brown paper bags made this swap complete.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Life, Love, and Leaves

While it may technically be the last day of summer, the fall has very much already set in here in Manitoba. Many trees are already turning colours, the crab apples and plums have mostly fallen to the ground and being enjoyed by the birds, the weather has cooled greatly, and we even had a frost warning last night. The geese have been making more noise than ever, and another flock has flown away, which means fall is here and winter not far behind it.

The shop has been pretty busy with Halloween sales and requests and I find myself feeling flustered trying to keep up and decide which projects to start next. In my attempts to make my little shop professional while still feeling very personal, I had ordered a sample set of custom postcards from Of course I decided on a Halloween theme, since it's oh so Obsequies. They arrived in the mail not too long ago and look just lovely, still my own drawing, but professionally printed and snappy looking. After approving of the samples I promptly put in my order for 100 more, which will be included with each of my shop orders.

With all the cool weather, falling leaves, and the sunflowers nearing the end of their season, it feels like comfort baking season. With a couple of bricks of delicious butter in the fridge, I decided to make up a small batch of yummy shortbread cookies, but with a fall twist. That's right, little fall leaves! I added yellow food colouring to the dough, and mixed in small portions of red and green colour for a leafy colour effect. Yes, they were tasty.

Welcome to fall...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Plate O Pumpkin

While I'm aware I say this almost all year round, it needs to be said again; Halloween is almost here! Finally after much, too much waiting the stores have slowly started putting out the Halloween items. While having a day out with my fella, I stopped off at a little dollar store to pick up a few goodies for this years batch of Halloween swaps and gifts to mail to friends away.

When I got to the Halloween section there was, of course, many of the usual bits and pieces you might find at a dollar store, though each being all the more wonderful because of their Halloween theme. My greatest find of the day came to be these delightful melamine pumpkin plates. Finally! I have pumpkin plates! I have a slight obsession about getting Halloween and fall themed pieces for my kitchen so when I saw these (and at $1.25 no less) I had to have them. My only regret is that I didn't buy more. Next time...

Stay tuned for more Halloween finds and swap goodies!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunflowers, Sneakers, And Fairytale Dreams...

Despite the heatwave we're (once again) experiencing, the signs of fall are starting to show. The sunflowers are monstrous and blooming, the pumpkins are turning orange, the plums are ripe, the crab apples are almost over ripe, a few leaves are falling, and the nights are cool.

The sunflowers in my garden are just about twice my height and the pumpkins are mostly small, but plentiful. There are still carrots and a few beets in the ground, being pulled out gradually as I eat them. There is one batch of borscht in the freezer from some of the beets that grew and if I manage to pull out enough and feel ambitious, perhaps one more batch will be an order. 

While I don't particularly enjoy feeling cold, I greatly enjoy the cool fall season. Being able to wear fun sweaters and layers without feeling sweaty and gross is generally a plus. The Halloween items are finally starting to show up in stores and only making more excited about the season. While my costume for this year still remains a mystery to me, there is still some time to spare before I must make a decision.

Sweaters and new pants ahoy!