Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stop And Smell The Flowers

Summer goes by so fast, sometimes it's nice to just stop and smell the flowers...and notice how dirty your shoes have gotten.
The days are going by too quickly...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Not So Severe Weather

While preparing for severe thunderstorms, I took photos to document the progress my garden had made. I covered the pumpkins with a tarp and hoped for the best. We barely had a drop of rain. So much for the crazy weather and, as usual in this part of the world, hail.

The garden has been progressing well, with the pumpkin leaves growing larger than my head and starting to vine out. The beets are coming up well, and the peas (something new for me) are growing fast. Two small carrot patches were planted but, with much anger from me, one patch was destroyed from cats digging up my garden. There is now a sad, empty spot in the garden. I have been considering trying something short season, like lettuce and radishes in that spot so at least I'll have something to show for the work.

To deter cats from my garden I have crushed and spread egg shells throughout, as well as continually dumping pepper and cayenne pepper throughout. Here's hoping.