Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Have I mentioned that I've been going to garage sales?

Retro Hamilton Beach Milkshake Mixer - 5$ (new in box!!)
Vintage Monopoly - 10 cents
Flat Light Up Pumpkin - 1$
Hit Record Trivia (1973) Board Game - 50 cents
Fujifilm Instax 100 Camera - 5$
Chalkware Sunflower - 25 cents
Boxes of vintage card and postcards, & vintage stationary - 10 cents each
Large Plastic Blowmold Pumpkin - 3$
Home Decorating Booke (1965) - FREE!
Orange, Pink, & Green plastic plant pots (not pictured) - 10 cents each

While I talk a lot about how I adore garage sales and looking for thrifty treasures, I am actually quite fussy about what I buy. Our house is so full of things that it's beyond necessary to only pick up the real treasures or things that will be used. Personally, these are the sort of treasures that appeal to me, and these have been some pretty amazing ones so far this year.

The fella and I are avid collectors of games and gaming consoles, and we hit a motherload this past weekend, scoring a box of ps1 & ps2 games, original nes games (one in box), gameboy games for 40$. After some thought and finding no other scores at other sales, I went back to the sale with the games and made an offer on their red N64 (with perfect condition controller and mint in package controller!) with a Zelda game, scoring it for a steal of a deal at 20$. After researching each game and piece online, we found that it was worth much, much more than the 60$ investment we put in. A lot more. The fella actually felt bad about how little we paid, I guess I'm a little more ruthless than him, afterall they did get the price they had wanted for it. Ah well.

That all being said, the light up blowmold pumpkin was definitely one of my favorite finds. Not only do I finally have one of these beauties for Halloween, but it was in mint condition. It even still has the original stickers and warning labels. Beautiful! That, of course, followed closely with the milkshake mixer and box fulls of vintage postcards. Can anything top these finds, or will the rest of the summer be a dry run? Time will tell.

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