Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fashion '57

If anyone recalls, I had posted last week about last weekends flea market and yard sale finds. Within that lot was a stunning Eatons catalog from the summer of 1957. The magazine itself may not be in the best of conditions, with tears along the side, a front page in rough shape, and the first few pages with paint smears. Aside from that, you can still get a great idea of what was for sale around that time and what some of the prices were like. With "your choice" of dresses for 3.98, what girl wouldn't indulge, right? These days just buying a mini seedless watermelon will cost you that, never mind a well made full skirted dress. Alas, as the minimum wage goes up, so do the prices.

One of the things I envy most about the old eras in fashion is probably their swimsuits. These days it seems skimpy bikinis rule the beach, but I just loved how classy, but still terribly pretty, and well detailed the old pieces were.This era in particular has such fun one piece suits, and I loved the skirted bottoms, and the boy-short fit of the legs. Growing up I was always a tom boy, so a more modest swimsuit feels more natural and comfortable to me. While I see these types of swimsuits have been making a comeback (even with myself making some in previous years) they just haven't gained the attention I feel they should have. Oh well, to each their own, yes?

These six pages are only a few of many in the catalog, but happen to be the best and colored versions in the ladies fashion. Perhaps in the near future a post of the home decor and furniture may be on it's way.

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