Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adventures In Abandon-Land

Here in Manitoba-land, spring might have finally just sprung. We have finally had some decent days where one can go out in a sweater and not be freezing cold. The snow is now, finally, almost gone as well and just in time for a visit from my favorite adventure buddy.

We checked out two amazing old abandoned houses, one of which was in rather rough shape, part of it having fallen apart. I swooned over all the shabby, chipped away paint, and pretty old kitchen cupboards...


  1. These photos are so cool! I really love the wallpaper and the nest.

  2. I looove abandoned buildings of any kind. There's something seriously gorgeous about peeling paint and the general decrepit look of them. There's a pile of abandoned houses in my neighbourhood that I really must bring my camera to one of these times, it's always just such a spur of the moment thing whenever I'm in them.