Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's Recycle...Socks?

It's crafty Thursday! Today's project was an impromptu project brought on by the fact that I am somehow emotionally attached to my Halloween socks. I kid you not.

Since the weather has turned and it's winter outside, I can no longer take outdoor photos for my shop. This causes me some problems. Unfortunately for me, there wasn't anywhere for me to take photos due to mass amounts of furniture around the house. Much to my dismay, Dad (much like my Grandmother) is a furniture hoarder. So finding wall space is an issue. After a great amount of convincing (as in the past year or so) I've finally succeeded in convincing him to sell off some of his ugly 90's press-board furniture and use some of his precious old wood furniture for his room instead. Basically I took photos, listed it in the classifieds, and had it sold an hour later. Success!

While cleaning out drawers to make room for a few things I had stored in the massive dresser that now used to inhabit my sewing room, I realized I had a few pairs of Halloween socks with holes in the toes or with no longer elastic tops. Now, I have this crazy thing about Halloween socks and to throw them away...well, I was pretty hesitant. Upon doing a quick net search I discovered there is essentially zero interesting project ideas out there, so I went with what I already knew. A pillow.

For this project I used twelve single pairs of socks, and a scrap of plaid fabric for the back of the pillow.
...Start by cutting off the elastic tops of the socks, then cutting a then off around the ankle/heels.
...Cut along one side of the sock.
...Cut to make an even rectangle.
...Sew each of the pieces in a patchwork style together to create a rectangular shape.
...Cut a piece of fabric to the same size as the patchworked socks piece.
 ...Sew together the two pieces of fabric, right sides together leaving a small space un-sewn.
...Flip it right side out, as you would a regular pillow.
...Stuff the pillow as much, or little, as you wish. I stuffed mine with some fill that I had taken out of a damaged, and very cheap, comforter that was beyond repair.
...Hand stitch the hole closed and VOILA! A brand new, recycled pillow for your couch!

Tell me I'm not a brilliant little mad seamstress.