Sunday, May 13, 2012

Butterflies & Blossoms

Despite the fact that I missed numerous events this weekend, including a flea market (something I have yet to experience...sad), I'm remaining in good spirits. The weather has just been lovely and I've been keeping myself focused on the good things, namely my garden. My new garden has already been started and while I know the dirt for it is costing me quite a lump sum I know it will all be worth it in the end when my plants actually grow. Who ever says "dirt cheap" has clearly never had to buy bags of dirt to fill a garden box.

It has been terribly windy the past few days, but tolerable with the sunshine and warmth. For the first time in what feels like ages I took out my cameras (yep, pulled out the ol' Instax and my Canonet film camera) and took a few snaps of the beautiful cherry blossoms. Every year the cherry tree is the first to fill with those tiny, ever-so-delicate pink petals and I just go crazy for them. It's the sure sign of spring and summer, and all the warmth that goes with it.

After what feels like ages, our car will finally be fixed this Wednesday. Finally! We will be able to take trips down to the lake, into town, into the city, or into the big city whenever we feel like it. I'm greatly hoping for a trip out to Winnipeg to go to the zoo. It's been years since I've been there and don't even remember what it was like. It will be nice to experience the place again, despite how sad I feel for the animals being caged up.

Warm and exciting days filled with fun photographic moments (hopefully) ahead. It feels like things are already getting better :)