Friday, January 27, 2012

Frojoy Fun

With all this mild winter weather we have been having here, it feels like it's only a matter of time before the ice cream shops open up again. Who doesn't love a nice cool cone of ice cream, am I right?

While randomly browsing the vintage category on etsy again one night, I discovered the sweetest little new old stock ice cream boxes for sale from sosovintage. I never even thought to look up something like that before, who knew you could even find such a thing left! It was rather unbelievable to me. Needless to say I snapped up five of the little lovelies and they arrived (quite quickly) in the mail today. Just in time for the weekend, and before my upcoming birthday.

I still can't get over how adorable these things are...I'm just a sucker for cute little vintage things. I wish I knew how to take a photo like the ones you see on old packaging just like this. There is just something so charming about them. Now if I can just find some old cake mix packaging...

Also, if you enjoy baking be sure to check out this cute baking swap I joined!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spring Days & Snuggles

This winter has been delightfully mild, with the exception of the odd day here and there. Today was one of the exceptions. It was cold today, but despite that, the winter has been wonderful...I just hope it lasts. With all of this beautiful weather I can't help but think of spring and working on a more successful garden.

If we recall back, last years garden was not exactly my most successful venture. With a mix of stunted growth, then a devastating hail storm last years garden was a bit of a disappointment. Though considering I'm new to gardening I can't complain too much, it was a learning experience. I have started getting seeds for this year together, planning where I want to move my garden for this year, and considering what else I will need.

When passing through the city on our way to visiting my Grandfather I had stopped in a few stores, including Walmart which already had it's spring/summer outdoor living and gardening items out and on display. I walked up and down the aisles admiring the little bits and bobs, further fueling my excitement for spring and my coming garden. I think I can safely count on at least some carrots in my garden this year, and come late summer/fall I hope to try my hand at canning. Just thinking about the days ahead is exciting for me, and there really is so much I still want to do...

On a side note, while passing through the city I had stopped by Value Village to look for interesting old trinkets and found a lovely afghan blanket. Very colorful, and only 8$. I bought it and threw it over my living room chair only to find my little Hades seems to love it. He's been very cuddly since I put it on the chair, which I thought he just wanted to be close to me...but when he hijacked the chair for himself while I wasn't around (which he never does) it tipped me off that it was all about the blanket. Oh well, at least he's enjoying it.

Spring days and snuggles ahead...