Friday, June 29, 2012

A Ruined Anniversary

June 27th marked Dustin and my anniversary. Two years have come and gone, now onto year three. I wish I could say we did something exciting and extravagant for our big day, sadly that was not the case.

Our anniversary started off on a rather bad note. Starting at about 11:45pm on the 26th the storm had knocked out the power here in town, as well as many other places. It continued well after midnight on the 27th, our anniversary. It was quite a storm, though we got away quite lucky considering how other areas nearby were affected. That's not the point.The roof leaked like crazy when it rained (not normal) and we worried that it would short some of the power cables in the walls. We shut off the breakers in that area and they are still shut off today.

Just before 4am the power came back on and the transformer on the power line just behind my sweeties' house was sparking and smoking. We went outside to investigate and both of us tripped on a tree (basically an xmas tree) in the driveway that had come down in the storm. You could smell the burning and we worried it was a matter of time before it started the tree next to it on fire. The cops and fire crew were called to be on hand since the local power company was beyond busy with the other areas.

Some time after 4am I gave up waiting for any kind of lights to come back on, and headed home to get some sleep. It was starting to become light outside so walking home wasn't too bad. Just as I was climbing into bed the power popped back on and the horribly annoying siren from (I believe) the water plant was going off, as it does after the power is out for a while and we get quite a bit of rain. This lasted for at least two hours or so, though I was actually able to tune it out after a while and fall asleep.

Waking up the next day I had high hopes that the day would turn around. We opened gifts to eachother, mine being wrapped in my usual newspaper and having a quick sketchy Portal "cube" drawn onto it. I thought it was humorous. He gave me a sweet little button necklace, such a romantic.

Things seemed as though they were turning around. Not one bit. We kept it simple and went out for some A&W and I had hoped we'd go down to the lake to relax, but the wind was just crazy. We went back to his place and all went downhill from there. I won't get into details, but I'd just like to say that my family is made up of manipulators and tools. With the stress my sweetie ended up sleeping most of the day, and I just lumped around on the couch. It's a day we'll never get back, and was ruined because of others selfishness, and I know I will never get an apology from any of them. I feel bitter...angry...I want to get away from them for good.

That's all for now I guess.

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