Monday, June 4, 2012


Summer really is the busiest time of year, isn't it? I have been working on getting my garden ready as well as enjoying some of the warm weather we've been having with my sweetheart. While that has been nice, I wish I had gotten more work done. It feels like things have come to a slight stand still and almost no new items have come up in my shop...though I did get into the city for a few new fabric deals. Hopefully I will get myself back on track and start saving up again.

So! Back on the garden subject. This year I spent a little too much money on my garden, with getting a few pieces of wood for a raised garden bed as well as bags upon bags of soil. With all the trouble I had last year with our horrid clay filled soil I felt it would have been impossible to get a truly decent garden without some investment. So I've ended up with two 8'x4' garden beds, very simple, but they should work head and shoulders better than what I had. I also moved an old half wooden barrel over to my sweetie's place so that I could have a 'mini garden' of carrots at his place.

What garden would be complete without a big metal watering can? I actually had some trouble finding one this year, strange as that seems. I ended up just buying one at Wal-Mart, much to my dismay. Oh well, at least I have one, and it did only cost me $13. Perhaps one of these days I'll find another one at a garage sale that I will be able to put my own personal touch to.

It's that time of year now when all the lilac bushes that surround our yard come into bloom and the strong smell of lilac fills the air. That smell is probably my favorite floral scent of all. It reminds me of hot summer days, when school is almost out, coming home to that smell. When the day comes that I have my own home, you can be sure that I'll be planting plenty of those lovelies all around. It also doesn't hurt when having all the pretty butterflies around, huh? With that, I will leave you with great wishes for your summer days ahead!

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