Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Swaps & Sweets

The days go by, and I'm still swapping away, and dreaming of spring days that still seem so far away, and yet so close. I'm trying to stay preoccupied with the swaps, baking, and little scribbled art pieces since my sewing feels utterly uninspired lately...

After far too much time and thought, I went ahead and ordered a madeleines pan from France and the day after it's arrival I finally made my first ever batch of madeleines. Though I imagine they were far from perfect I felt so proud of myself. This was something new for me, and so perfectly dainty. Just the right snack size for me. My Dad ate one or two out of my batch of 11 and I ended up eating the rest while vegging out watching Netflix. Next time I will certainly try the chocolate variation. What new baking wonder to try next...

On another swap note, I had replied to a post in the swapbot forums from a gal looking for someone to make some little dresses for her Blythe dolls. I felt a bit intrigued and gave it a go. It was quite a different experience working in such a small scale, but I felt I did a fair job in bringing my own little style to it. I made up six little dresses for this, and included a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar, a little cupcake mini artwork, as well as a local postcard. It's been shipped off and on it's way to it's new home. I look forward to hearing what she thinks of them.

Now if I could just focus on my shop sewing a little more...Ah well.

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