Friday, February 10, 2012

Tea Time

It's a little funny that I just adore tea related items, but I honestly don't drink tea. Do I dislike tea? I have no idea. I've honestly never really stopped to truly try different teas, perhaps I should.

My Wonderland Tea Party In A Box Swap items were packed up and shipped out my package for my partner, I do hope she likes it. I tried to make it a little whimsical, light hearted, elegant. I added just a touch of humor with a "tea" spoon. Get it? A little container of red craft paint for "painting the roses red" as well. Ahh, I'm just silly. The whole lot was pretty neutral, with great pops of red for the Queen Of Hearts theme. Overall I thought it was a rather sweet little lot, and I certainly hope the recipient agrees.

My swapping adventures continue with a kitchen surprise swap, as well as some private swaps. I love to do group swaps with a randomly selected partner, but sometimes it's also nice to know exactly who you will be swapping with ahead of time. It's nice to create a little something when you know who the person is ahead of time, you can make it more personal that way I feel.

Once again, there will be more swaps to come!

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