Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Day, Another Sent Swap

I little while ago I had posted about a private swap in the works. Well it's all been arranged, and my swap lot was sent off today. My swap partner had said she would take three mixed media pieces, however I decided to send all seven, including the two I just made and a small tag to top it off. A little black lace to pretty it up, and it was set to go. On the way to the post office I stopped by our town office and picked up a local postcard to go with it all.

Quite honestly, when I contacted her about her post regarding shabby chic art pieces I really didn't expect much (if anything in return). It really just looked like a fun project, a new challenge. I genuinely hope she likes them and at least some of them are up to what she was hoping for.

The next few swaps will likely be private. I love swap-bot, but sometimes private, one-on-one swaps are the better way to go. You know who your partner is, and can put more thought into what you send. It seems more personal and like there would be a little less risk. Not to mention you don't have to deal with multiple members for one swap. It will be nice to do personal swaps, and since I don't get to the city very often private swappers will most likely be more flexible with the times. Though I will say one thing, finding the right private swappers can be a bit of a challenge in itself. Sometimes people are looking for things you just can't get for them, and it doesn't work out. Oh well, if it's the right situation, things will go perfectly :)

Looking forward to swaps ahead!

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