Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's Recycle...Socks?

It's crafty Thursday! Today's project was an impromptu project brought on by the fact that I am somehow emotionally attached to my Halloween socks. I kid you not.

Since the weather has turned and it's winter outside, I can no longer take outdoor photos for my shop. This causes me some problems. Unfortunately for me, there wasn't anywhere for me to take photos due to mass amounts of furniture around the house. Much to my dismay, Dad (much like my Grandmother) is a furniture hoarder. So finding wall space is an issue. After a great amount of convincing (as in the past year or so) I've finally succeeded in convincing him to sell off some of his ugly 90's press-board furniture and use some of his precious old wood furniture for his room instead. Basically I took photos, listed it in the classifieds, and had it sold an hour later. Success!

While cleaning out drawers to make room for a few things I had stored in the massive dresser that now used to inhabit my sewing room, I realized I had a few pairs of Halloween socks with holes in the toes or with no longer elastic tops. Now, I have this crazy thing about Halloween socks and to throw them away...well, I was pretty hesitant. Upon doing a quick net search I discovered there is essentially zero interesting project ideas out there, so I went with what I already knew. A pillow.

For this project I used twelve single pairs of socks, and a scrap of plaid fabric for the back of the pillow.
...Start by cutting off the elastic tops of the socks, then cutting a then off around the ankle/heels.
...Cut along one side of the sock.
...Cut to make an even rectangle.
...Sew each of the pieces in a patchwork style together to create a rectangular shape.
...Cut a piece of fabric to the same size as the patchworked socks piece.
 ...Sew together the two pieces of fabric, right sides together leaving a small space un-sewn.
...Flip it right side out, as you would a regular pillow.
...Stuff the pillow as much, or little, as you wish. I stuffed mine with some fill that I had taken out of a damaged, and very cheap, comforter that was beyond repair.
...Hand stitch the hole closed and VOILA! A brand new, recycled pillow for your couch!

Tell me I'm not a brilliant little mad seamstress.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks And Treats

Tricks and treats, and spooky things. The Great Pumpkin, and pumpkin carving. Costumes and candy, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Hocus Pocus and dreary weather. I love Halloween...I felt lacking in the costume idea department, but in the end I made myself a spooky spider costume. A classic, I felt. Not only that, but I'll be warm for our terribly cold and dreary Manitoba Halloween.

While we may not have many Halloween themed delights, I did discover some darling spooky themed bars out here. Nestle favorites with a Halloween twist. This makes up for the lack of Crush Halloween labels...but I won't get into that one. This Halloween is best without dwelling on such things...

Wishing a wonderfully spooky Halloween to everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nearing The End

Halloween is mere moments away now, and I'm still rushing around to finish up my costume and trying to ind or make up more decorations to make this place feel more cute and spooky. While we don't have a whole lot to spend on decorations, I did make up three little fabric ghosts to hang off the front deck. They were made easily from some scrap white fabric simply stuffed with some pillow stuffing for the heads, eyes drawn on with sharpie marker, and a little yard to keep the head shape as well as to hang them.

I took a small walk around and tried to enjoy a small moment in the day, a small break from rushing about. The leaves are all dead now, with only a few brown ones still left on the now bare trees. With all the damp and rainy days we've had lately the leaves on the ground no longer have that wonderful crunching sound as you walk over them, simply mush. October is almost over. Everything is fading. Frozen oblivion is on its way...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Days

Fall is over. The last of the leaves have just about fallen and things are looking brown, sometimes even white. The thermometer continues to drop and snow has even started to fall, though none has stayed...yet. I feel as though I missed so many photo opportunities when everything was so colourful and beautiful this year. Being sick for just over a week, it seemed as though that week was the peak of the season.

After Halloween I fear I'll have nothing to look forward to until spring time when I can plant next years crop of pumpkins in anticipation for next Halloween.This years crop made me beyond pleased, and I can only hope next years will do just as well...or maybe even better.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


While unpacking my little box of Halloween goodies, there was a sudden realization that it was almost nothing in the decorations department. Feeling crafty, I pulled out a few pieces of worn out old scrap wood (used to get my pumpkins off the ground, funny enough) and got to painting. These were done quickly and simply to have a slight vintage, folk art, rustic feel. Feeling pretty proud, I painted four of these, my favorite being the little ghosts, too cute!

So if you're like me and don't happen to have the funds to go out and buy a whole bunch of new decorations, can't find any secondhand, or just plain like to be crafty and personal, you can easily take any piece of scrap wood and a little bit of craft acrylics to make up your own one of a kind paintings.

Happy Hallo-handmade!

Friday, October 19, 2012


My best friend celebrates her birthday in only a few days, and for me this always means I get to have fun with wrapping. Her and I have always been on the same page when it comes to random paper, so I always know she appreciates a pretty, sweetly wrapped gift.

As always, it's a fascination with me how beautiful recycled papers look for wrapping. The subtle, antique sort of tones have this delicate beauty to me and of course it's so much better to reuse than to buy something new. Hurray for being eco-friendly, right?

Each and every time I recieve a gift or a package in the mail that uses these brown packing papers I try to salvage as much as possible. It pairs perfectly with some simple craft twine that you can find at any craft or hardware store or, because it's such a neutral colour, would be beautiful with any colour of yarn. Not only does it work well for wrapping, but it's beautiful for mixed media projects.

Halloween themed bits were added for that extra whimsy for the time of year, as well because she also enjoys the season. I managed to find these lovely antique reproduction Halloween cat postcards on etsy and simply added it to the front of one package.

Happy Hallowrapping!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Poo For You!

 "Poo" cookies for my Binding Of Isaac loving hunny.

To make your own poo cookies simply cut the corner off of a ziplock bag to make a makeshift pastry bag and pipe the dough onto the cookie sheet in a ice cream/pyramid sort of shape...but rounded and poo-like. Great instructions? I think so.

It was a pretty proud moment when I took my first bite of these, warm out of the oven, shortbread cookies. Amazing. How I managed to FINALLY make a decent shortbread cookie, much less an amazing one, is beyond me.

Try the recipe for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Deal Of The Day

 A quickie thrifty post for the night.

Pretty green and white bowls from Superstore. A steal at only a dollar each. I picked up five of each.

Two pumpkin shaped serving bowls, one olive green and one white. Purchased after Halloween at Canadian tire for, I believe, 75% off or so. They came out to about $1.94 each. A steal of a deal and perfectly compliment my bowls from Superstore.

Now if only I could find some orange pieces to top it all off. Pumpkins from my garden will have to do for now.

Friday, October 5, 2012


 It's that time of the year once again. My favorite season means my favorite swaps. As I may have mentioned before, I picked up some store bought Halloween postcards online for swapping this year. Another lot of postcards was also discovered on etsy recently and have been ordered as well, though I predict I won't have those in time to do much with this time around. Prepared for next year? I should say so.

So just a quick post today about a few little swap bits. To start, I had sent off a simple store bought card for a Halloween card swap and included two pieces of handmade 4x6 arts. One was my (what I think is anyways) classic sketchy ghost doodle, and paired it with a new spider web trick-or-treat mixed media piece. The letters were cut from old newspaper and the spider was made from pretty little buttons. Both were included as a little extra within the card instead of postcards since it was discovered that my swap partner for this one wished not to receive postcards, as per her profile. It gave me a great chance to be creative though, and for that I feel pretty good.

So as you can also see from the photos, there is the variety of postcards I acquired thus far. The two "Skelanimals" postcards were received in a swap that was done previously and I have no idea if anyone would want them. I suppose what I'm hoping for is a few nice people to swap some more Halloween (or even fall) postcards with, but so far no takers. Should anyone have access to some store bought seasonal cards and would like to swap do send me a message! I am so keen to swap more of these as I have started collecting Halloween cards.

Monday, October 1, 2012


 The month of Halloween celebrations has begun. This is truly my most favorite time of year, bar none. I find myself spending loads of time being mesmerized by the Halloween bits in all the stores, and feeling all day dreamy about the day to come. The anticipation of the days leading up to this one special day is one of my favorite feelings.

To start off my celebrations I joined up to a few Halloween and autumn themed swaps on swap-bot, with the Halloween postcards being the ones I look forward to the most this year. I have come to start a small collection of store bought ones and hope to get many more, but they are such a hard thing to come by. Perhaps resorting to just purchasing some on eBay may be my only option for some time.

Time to string up the decorations and pull out my yearly October film favorites. Let the fun begin...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't Bring Me Down

 Despite fighting a terrible cold, I couldn't stay inside on a day like today. Summer weather and all the visual delights of the autumn season. All the trees are filled with yellow, orange, and red leaves in abundance. Piles of leaves starting on the ground, and crunching under my feet as I walk along. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter, and I only wish this could would let up enough for me to enjoy the very last of this beautiful weather.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall...I love you.

I know I say it almost every month with beauitful warm weather, but this month has flown by in a flash. The weather is beautiful, and so is the scenery. As brown and dull as some things have become, the beautiful and varied colours of all the leaves more than make up for it. Picking leaves off the trees in a rainbow of colours took up some of my noon hour, but the sun was so warm I couldn't just stay inside.

We had a night of freezing just the other day, which basically wiped out my sunflowers. The heads are now limp and dying and yet, still so beautiful. I feel all whimsical just looking at them. They look like something out of a storybook, perhaps something Dr. Seuss would have done.

The yellow, orange, and red tones of the season take over and while they are beautiful, I feel a little sad inside knowing that they'll be gone in a flash and the cold, desolite winter days will set in. Enjoy these days while we can...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Suprises

Hurrying along as quickly as the seasons have been changing, I feel like it's hard to catch my breath these days. While I mean it as a matter of speech, my asthma has also been acting up. That's beside the point right now, though. My darling turned 27 on Sunday, and I was so excited to get to do all the little birthday preparations.

It was a cool day on Sunday, though the sun was warm. He woke up early, of course, to open his present as soon as I came over. I wrapped it with my usual recycled newspaper, taking care to put and appropriate "seniors services" article on the top where he would notice it. The card was made up with Pac Man font and "Happy Birthday" in binary to add a funny little touch that only he would appreciate. It was finished off with black and white yarn on the sides for that little extra touch that I just can't resist. Yarn can make just the darned cutest (and possibly easiest) decorations on a gift.

The cake was lovingly hand made by me of course, a tasty, creamy cheesecake with the top layer colored with yellow food colouring for that classic Pac Man yellow to go with the card on his gift. I cut out one piece to get the classic shape as well as adding a chocolate eye, mostly to hide the horrendous crack that opened up while the cheesecake was cooling. I love a good cheesecake, but those cracks can be so disheartening. Nevertheless the cake got a chuckle and seemed to be well enjoyed. Who doesn't love cheesecake after all?

While the geeky theme was great, it just seemed lacking something. Something...pretty, perhaps. So to finish it all off, I added something a little more "me" by making up a batch of my oatmeal cookies and simply adding sprinkles to the dough to make "confetti". Tasty, but with that sweet little birthday party touch.

Just a quick addition of my home grown pumpkins and a pumpkin shaped serving bowl filled with tasty and refreshing cantaloupe to finish up the tasty delights. Overall it was a fun day for me and it would seem, happily, a great day for my sweetie.

A big happy birthday to my love, and many more to come :)