Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Another Day...

Another day...

It wasn't hot, but it wasn't cool either. A comfortable temperature, a soft breeze. It was a nice day as far as weather is concerned but it otherwise felt...I can't think of words for it. Draining, perhaps. Unproductive again with only one (candy corn) inspired piece created, though it's still early.

As the sun started to go down, but it was still bright, Hades and I spent some time outside. He lay in the grass as I snapped photos of tree bark and dead leaves. Nature is so beautiful, today would have been a great day for exploring somewhere new. Maybe next year.

What else there is to say about this day, I'm not sure. Another day, another very usual day.

James And The Giant Peach
is what's ahead for my night...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Savory Start

Another day slowly goes by. I took a little trip into town with my Dad today...something that takes much longer than it should. He just dilly dallies far too much for my liking. Anyways, I simply went in so I could pick up a few groceries. I've come to the decision that I need to learn some new recipes, and try some new foods. This winter I'd like to work on more savory dishes, rather than my usual cakes, cookies, and bars.

Grocery stores play some of the best, and worst, music I've ever heard and today was no exception. I walked about picking up some usual items and decided I wanted to try my hand at break making. As I picked up a bag of bread flour a familiar and welcomed classic came on the store radio. What song you ask? None other than Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart. Great song, great song.

For how much time was wasted in town I could have gotten quite a bit of work done. It was probably a waste of a good days work, but I did need a few groceries...and a slushee. It's times like today, waiting in the very hot van, that make me think I really should get myself a car finally. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day, and with no where to go I'll be able to get plenty done. Tonight I simply feel drained and slightly mopey. A night to relax is probably best, with a nice start to tomorrow.

Today was a day for trying out a savory dish that doesn't often appear in our house. In fact, only once has it ever been made here. What dish you ask? Meatloaf. Yes, a staple for some households has only ever been made once by myself in this house. Today was the second time ever. I'm not sure why it's never made here, it's basically just a big hamburger in a loaf pan with some sauce on top, pretty simple right? Anyways, I'd rather have my burger made this way than some of our usual techniques...perhaps I'll make it a regular on our household menu. A simple start to my savory exploration.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Suprises Of All Sorts

Life certainly has it's ups and downs, though a great deal of the time it seems to be many downs. Small as they may be compared to others lives it seems like one thing after another. Aside from the daily hurdles as of late, tragedy has stuck my garden...namely my pumpkins. Yes, my dear and precious pumpkins I was so excited over, that I lovingly cared for, waited for, pollinated, and watered.

We recently had a serious hail storm with hail ranging in size from regular sized hails to larger marbles to large flat discs probably in the size of ping pong balls. The storm came quickly and rapidly because severe. I was unprepared and had no time, nor anything to cover the pumpkins was in the black of night and it came down fast and hard, seemingly going on forever. There was a great deal of damage to the house paint as well as the roof. Needless to say, my pumpkins stood no chance. Almost nothing was left of the leaves from my pumpkin plants, and the three small (just starting out) pumpkins were destroyed, with half of the fruit being broken off. The largest of my pumpkins had a few dints, but for the moment it seems to be surviving. Of course, with the lack of leaves it doesn't appear to be growing very quickly, but I'm putting all my hope in it...

If this one and only surviving pumpkin should die, I think a little part of me will as well. It will just be one more thing that seems to be going against me. For anyone who knows me, you know how special Halloween is to me, and how much I adore pumpkins. I had such high hopes for my garden this year, and with four pumpkins growing it seemed as though I'd finally get pumpkins. After the drama in early July I put my happiness into those pumpkins...I cried when it happened. It would appear another year without pumpkins of my own...

In a happier note, a number of birthdays are coming up this fall so I can happily do some wrapping. I love to wrap, part of my excitement during the holidays. My favorite wrappings for birthdays being recycled newspapers. This time around I found the tv guide within the newspaper and it has such pretty, yet subtle colors that would work perfectly for a gift. Simple string bow, and a handmade birthday (post)card. More birthday wrapped goodies are to come, which I suppose is one thing I can look forward to no matter what.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Delight

Another Friday has come and gone, so how about some finds for the week? Oh yes. On Tuesday I had one last adventure with my great friend, Ash (yes, we're both Ashley's). We took a trip up to the next town, grabbed some treats from the grocery store, and relaxed at the graveyard. We threw blueberries at random things, talked, and laughed. It was a nice time, and a great farewell before she moves.

Afterwards, we stopped into the thrift store. While browsing I noticed a box of Kathie Winkle dishes, commenting that I had the very same set at home from my great Grandmother. The lady at the shop asked if we were looking for dishes and said if we wanted we could have it since it was just going to the dump otherwise. I was shocked. Naturally I took it, how sad would it be to let that go? So not only do I have one set of Kathie Winkle dishes, I have two! I couldn't walk out without at least buying something, so I picked up eight icey blue dessert cups, four small (which I kept) and four larger which I gave to my good buddy Ash, since she'd been eying them up at the store.

Earlier this afternoon (I guess technically it was yesterday, since it's after 12 am now) I stopped by two garage sales in town. I picked up three awesome pink flamingo candle holders, since I have this odd fascination for pink flamingos...I'm not sure why. I also picked up a pile of older satiny soft fabrics, and two small trinket dishes. I spent a grand total...of $1.00. Yes, $1.00.

All in all, between today's garage sale goods and the thrift scores, I spent a total of $2.00. Not a bad lot for a mere $2.00 if you ask me. What will next week bring?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Watermelon Days

It's August already. July seems so hazy, as if it wasn't even here, and yet I'm happy it's gone and over. I spent the last day of July eating half a watermelon (yes, half all by itty bitty self), and snapping photos of my pumpkin vines.

Things have become somewhat normal in the past few days, not quite what they are, but not quite as crazy either. I've been getting back into the swing of things, sewing more, working on my Halloween items early. I already worked up some cute little jack-o-lantern costume skirts, with more coming any time now.

I'm also excited to report that a little baby pumpkin is growing in my garden and seems to be holding strong, growing larger every day. Yes, I'm one proud pumpkin mama. Though I may not get any other pumpkins but that one, I'm still ecstatic to have that. Keep watch for more pumpkin news right now, as well as photos of my growing gourd. Yes, I'm one proud pumpkin mama.