Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Together We Go

Today was the first real spring day. Sunny sky, 70F in the shade, snow almost entirely melted (with the exception of some shady zones where it almost always takes ages to melt), and only a light breeze. All around, an almost perfect weather day. So for the first time this year I pulled out my knee socks and favorite orange mini skirt and didn't have to bother putting pants under them. No jacket. No hat. No scarf.

Dustin and I took a little drive to the lake to check out the water going through the dam. The water was flooding a bit in some areas, but it wasn't quite high enough for it to be going over the overflow spillway (which is my favorite part), much to my dismay. While we walked along the river, by the dam there were two black birds washed up on the shore, dead. It was sad, and yet...somehow beautiful. I took photos that turned out suprisingly well. It felt great to take a few photos again, it seems like I do it less and less. It's funny how much I've missed my Instax camera, it takes the most amazing photos.

Hopefully there will be more days like today in the days to follow, and hopefully many more drives and snapshots that will follow.


Easter has never really been any great important holiday to me, but I've always enjoyed the egg decorating tradition. It's been about ten years or so since I've decorated eggs for Easter so this year my fella, Dustin, and I did just that.

I mixed up six dye colors into my vintage pyrex custard cups that once belonged to my great Grandmother. The dyes were simple homemade food coloring, vinegar, and water dyes. So, with a bit of dye, wax, elastics, and creativity we decorated three eggs each.

The rainbow, rainbow stripe (did not intentionally dye it to match my socks, I swear!), and minty green wax polka dot egg are mine.
The "X Box", tri-stripe, and purple wax dot egg are Dustin's.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Cake

Ahh, Portal. That game holds a special place in my heart. My fella got a copy of it and we ended up playing it together. He worked the controls, and I figured out what to do, where to go. It was a match made for us, he got a shooter-type game, and I got my puzzles. Win-win. Needless to say, when we heard about Portal 2 coming out we knew we had to have a copy.

Yesterday was the release of Portal 2 so my fella and I took a special trip into the city for it. We went directly to the game store where the young lass working there informed us that they were sold out of the ps3 version. She did...until the guy there told her they had more, directly behind her. Phew. So we picked up our copy of Portal 2 and jumped back in the car.

Ok, so we didn't skip off back home since it's a two hour drive into the city for us, but we were pretty excited about it. We didn't get home until late last night so we only just started the game, but it was pretty awesome. The story is of course different, but so far the single player game is like the first Portal, which, if you've played it, you know is pretty great.

So in a sort of celebration of this most important of occasions I made a Portal cake to celebrate. I used the simple puffed wheat cake recipe that I've been using since I was young, simply added a bit of white icing, a candle, and used Maynards Swedish Berries for the decoration.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's not often that I make chocolate treats, so for a change I made up a small batch of chocolate cookies. It's the first time I've made chocolate cookies like this and they turned out really well, and they were so soft, almost cake-like, which is how I like my cookies.

The cookies were actually really quick to make and really quite simple. The ingredients were the usual sorts of the things you have around your baking cupboard so they would be great for a last minute treat. Overall a great recipe that will be a staple in my cook book.

One of these days I'm going to get around to picking up some new plates and display bits for my photos. I'm fairly satisfied with the way my photos turn out now, but soon enough it's going to get pretty dull. I'm wondering what sort of plates to get though...maybe a fun tablecloth would help, maybe add some color to the mix. Soon enough garage sales will start up again and older ladies will have their old dish-wares for sale, much to my enjoyment, and photos will change up a bit.

Ahh, well, here's the cookies!