Monday, October 31, 2011

Here it comes, there it goes...
Here it is, and there is goes. My Halloween is almost always over in a flash. I wake up, get into my costume and prepare for trick or treaters. After the trick or treating is all over, it seems like my Halloween is all over. I find myself thinking about next Halloween, and what may be different, or what I could do to make it different. What could I add to my yearly traditions? Maybe next year a late night slushee run would be an order...I have a whole year to figure it out anyways.

So this year I made my costume out of an old bed sheet. It's something a bit different from my usual sort of wears, which is what I was aiming for and since I've been quite interested in Pierrot it seemed like a great idea. Anyways, I hope everyone had/is having a great Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Down To The Wire

Tomorrow is the big day. The day I wait all year for. It's Halloween. I spent all of today eating candy and carving my four pumpkins (keep watch for my post with the photos!), while now settling down to watch Halloween cartoons. I have my own little Halloween traditions, and certain shows/movies I watch year after year. It's actually quite nice to make traditions for yourself, something to look forward to each year. I often wonder what if and what others All Hallows Eve traditions are...

While carving one of my pumpkins this year I accidentally broke one of the saws from the carving kit, the little detail one. Oops! I'm thinking I may buy a more expensive, fancier kit during the after-Halloween sales, something that will last me more than one years use like the usual cheaper kits. Wait and see I suppose.

Over two weeks ago now, I had found some candy corn light covers while browsing around on ebay and I just couldn't resist. I bought them for a great price, along with some mini pumpkins (included in the same lot) and tested them out on a plain white string of lights I had laying around. As I may have mentioned before, I'm slightly obsessed with candy corn...even the funny "defective" candy corns that don't have their signature white tops. Oh! I almost forgot, I purchased two inflatable candy corns this year! Now, I honestly don't care much for inflatable decorations (just not my thing) but candy corn...gosh I went crazy. I don't have photos yet, perhaps I'll snap some tomorrow afternoon before the trick-or-treaters start to come around.

In conclusion I do hope everyone out there has a fantastic Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Almost There

October seems to be quite a busy month for me each year, and this year was no exception. I had a great many orders in my shop, and I tried to keep up with that. I can only hope to keep up the pace, and that the orders will continue to roll in as they have been. I am quite grateful to all the lovely people who have purchased and continue to purchase my work.

Aside from my business I've been keeping myself busy with a number of swaps, some of which I have posted about earlier. I have yet to post photos of some, but I hosted a candy corn themed postcard swap, making my newsprint recycled postcards that I love so much and entered a Halloween drawing swap. I made up a set of three cute little ghost drawings, note card sized in a very sketchy style that I just love. They were sent to Malaysia and I do hope my partner enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them. I sent them inside a Halloween card, in an orange envelope.

It's been a busy month for birthdays, with my Fathers, Grandmothers, as well as my great friends birthdays all in a week. I took photos of my friends gift before shipping it out. I had found Harry Potter wrapping paper (brand new) at a garage sale where they had boxes full of brand new rolls. I bought it specifically for her gift and I do hope she liked it. Goodness do I love wrapping...

A busy month, and we're still going. My Halloween costume is almost complete, and the great day is fast approaching. Excitement grows...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scream Soda

A few weeks ago now a friend of mine had mentioned looking out for the Halloween Crush drinks. Apparently every year at Halloween they have seasonal labels...which I never realized. Anyways, I completely forgot about it for a while. Oops...Eventually I did manage to spot the orange, cream soda, and I believe black cherry (ew). I'd seen the orange already, and decided to pick up a cream soda. The ghost was just too cute! I'm not sure whether these are just a Canadian thing, or all over...either way, I love that they have something so festive this time of year.

While at Zellers about a week or so ago, I spotted their Pop Shoppe display with very few bottles left. I've purchased these sodas before but never had the cream soda flavor. Picked it up for something new. I just love the old style glass bottles. Personally I prefer to support a company that uses glass over plastic, I have slight theories about me crazy. Anyways, this time around they only had the little stubby bottles (they normally have two or three types/sizes) which was okay, I prefer them anyways. So if you have a Zellers near you, go pick up a bottle of this stuff. A brand from back in the glass bottle heyday brought back to life! Show some support!

Halloween is almost here...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Story Before Bed

A quick post before bed. I just wanted to share an interesting story of how I acquired these darling little salt and pepper shakers.

Once upon a time, or rather almost two years ago, during the after xmas sales at our nearby Zellers store there was a bin full of "4 for $1" items. In this bin there was an assortment, well a few, Halloween items including these salt and pepper shakers. First thoughts being, 25 cents? Heck yea! So these were one of the items picked up along with a funny little pumpkin hand puppet...don't ask. After paying for those and various other items purchased at the time I was back in the truck and happened to look over my receipt. Next to these items the price read $0.01. Now apparently they aren't supposed to sell any items with such price, but the girl at that til didn't realize (or care, not sure which). So for the grand total of one penny, these shakers became mine. A great deal? I should say so!

That's my story for the night, or morning for some of you.
Sweet dreams for me!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Comfortably Cool

With the weather cooling, my oven has been coming on more and more. It's funny how fall brings on a craving for a heat meal and baked treats. Most of the summer I did hardly any baking at all, and most of the meals here were barbequed or cooked on the stove top so that we didn't have to turn on the oven on those hot days.

Well the oven is on again and I tried my hand at pumpkin bread. Recipes for pumpkin bread are so large, so instead of making three loaves (like the recipes generally call for) I made one with two dozen muffins instead. They turned out well actually, something I would make again. I read numerous reviews for all sorts of recipes and it seems a great many people substitute applesauce for oils that many baking recipes call for. I kept wondering though, wouldn't that make your recipe taste a bit like apples? Well I tried it out on the pumpkin loaf, and it made no difference, and is still extremely moist and tasty...not to mention a bit healthier. Yay for health conciousness!

The leaves are still turning orange and yellow, and the geese are louder than ever. It seems they have congregated in a spot in the field behind the house, so if you leave the windows open you can hear them hanging out. Every once in a while a huge (and I mean HUGE) flock of them will scatter and fly off. It reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, and as they fly overhead a whole bunch of bird shadows swoop across the lawn. It looks insane, and I only wish I could properly capture it.

Fall carries on, and the weather seems to be holding nicely for the time being.
Halloween is nearing...