Monday, July 4, 2011

Not So New Blue

I am so tired of wishing things would be different.
I'm done enabling this.
I'm sick of remembering how great things were before it started.
I will do more for just myself from now on.
I refuse to be some sort of toy and nothing more.
I should not be treated as if I don't matter and that it's okay to keep hurting me.
I cannot keep doing this.
You have a problem.

Chipped blue paint on an old, weathered picnic table. My love of neglected, worn, unloved things grows...I feel for them.


  1. Please hang in there, hun <3 you're a beautiful person, and I can see that... Don't let it get you down to low! :] you're a huge inspiration to me, and I'd hate to you you fall so far. <33


  2. If you're not getting everything (a relative term in this case) from the person you're with, then you haven't got what you deserve. <3

  3. Thank you both ladies, I really appreciate the replies :) Nice to know someone out there is actually reading my craziness =P