Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrifty Swifty

Over the past, oh, about two weeks I've been to a few garage sales here and there though most were the majority of them were fairly unexciting. I picked up a single flower power mug at one, then a set of six mushroom mugs at another. Today however was a bit of a goldmine for me. We actually didn't go into town looking for garage sales as it is a Thursday, and around here most are Friday and Saturday, so it was a bit of surprise to see two larger sales.

The fella and I stopped off at the first sale, a multi-family garage sale that mostly contained childrens items, kids clothing, and some other usuals. I didn't really find anything of interest, and Dustin just picked up a game controller, as well as a cordless drill in preperation for when we get ourselves a house.

The second garage sale we had almost missed, we were driving by and I just noticed it. We turned around and stopped off at the old nunnery at which they had plenty of old dishware. I was in heaven, though I was a little unsure since hardly any of it was priced out. So I picked our a small stack of dishes that caught my eye as well as this amazingly shabby chic wooden serving tray (which will fit nicely in my future blue kitchen!). At a grand total of $1.10 I should have picked up that extra stack of minty green glass dainty plates.

In the garden department, my pumpkins had been started indoors about a week ago. If you have pumpkins then you know how quickly they can sprout, mine were no exception. I didn't have enough small pots, so I searched the garage to come across a crazy collection of those slushee cups with the points on them that my Dad has been saving for some time now. I cut the tops off (where the points are) and poked a hole in the bottom of each one. I used these to start my pumpkins. How earth friendly am I?

In conclusion, the local paper shows a few more garage sales tomorrow so, perhaps more finds to come soon? We shall see.


  1. Hi! I saw some of these pictures on Flikr and wanted to use one in a thrift shop-related post on my own blog,
    May I have your permission to use this photo, with attribution?


    1. That would be just fine, Gretchen. Please just be sure to link back to the blog :)