Monday, May 9, 2011


For the first time in our almost 20 years of owning this 1948 home, our basement has taken on water. The water table in the area is high, pretty much ground level in fact. Many places surrounding here along the river are experiencing floods, so it's no surprise we've got a puddle in the basement. The water table is so high that the water is actually coming up through the floor. Insane? I think so.

So things have been a little stressful and busy here, having to shop vac up the pools of water forming, dumping that water into buckets, then carrying all those buckets up the stairs and dumping them away from the house. This cycle continues over and over throughout the day. With all of this going on our minds have been pretty preoccupied, so unfortunately Mother's day took a bit of a backseat.

At our house Mother's day is for my Grandmother, so it's unfortunate for her that we've been so busy with the water. When I woke up today I baked her up a fresh batch of chocolate cookies, since she's crazy about chocolate. While the cookies were in the oven I started work on a mini button bouquet of sorts. It was, admittedly, last minute and something I'd never tried before. Being my first time with this, and not having the proper wire (must too hard to work with...) they weren't exactly perfect, but nonetheless I wanted something to give her that was made with love. It may not have been a perfect day by any means, but I tried...perhaps when this water business is all said and done with, we can make it up to her. Time will tell.

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