Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shiney Shoes & Dunkaroos

You know, I haven't really designated this blog with any specific theme...Though I think I should keep it about my thrifty finds and fashion goodness. Perhaps that would be best. My deviantArt account has all of my creations and art works, so why not make this for the other items I find that don't fit into my dA world? Yes, yes. I think that is fun, and sometimes sticking to a theme is a good thing :)

To start off my thrifty new year, I made my first amazing purchase of a Halloween hand puppet. Yes sir, you heard me right, a pumpkin puppet. There was a sale at Zellers. Not exactly my favorite store but I went in after xmas to see if they had any more silver trees (I have an obsession with silver trees) and came across a sale section dedicated to 25 & 50 cent items. I seen the pumpkin puppet and instantly knew I had to have it, for pure ridiculousness, and of course Batman bubble bath for a whole 25 cents. After leaving the store I wanted to check my receipt to see how much they dinged me for the two glass bottled sodas I bought and noticed that the hand puppet was only 1 cent. Yes, 1 (one) cent. A mere penny for my pumpkin puppet. Is that a deal or what?

I went back to Zellers just the other day, purchasing all of the Batman bubble bath they had left (come on, 25 cents?) and noticed they had a mummy hand puppet as well. Though this time when I got to the till, the lady working was actually watching the prices on the screen and when the mummy rang up at 1 cent she immediately voided it and said she couldn't sell it for that. Some store policy or something...needless to say, I was sad. Why couldn't I get the store worker who didn't know better, or just didn't care? Ah well...I got the pumpkin one at least.

Today my new shoes were delivered, and right to my door (yay!). I had just noticed aldo shoes online and got browsing one day, only to see a silly awesome pair of silver sneakers. 10$, why not? So I bought them, and have to say they are pretty fab. I changed out the gray laces for black, it just seems to work better in my opinion.

If you care to get your own pair feel free to check them out:

So, this shall conclude my thrifty sale finds for today.
Keep checking back, and happy thrifting, kids!